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Why do I need a bed frame?

Not buying a bed frame may seem like an easy way to save money. Or choosing to have your mattress on the floor might seem like a good idea. However, bed frames are an essential part of prolonging the comfort life of a mattress. Having a bed frame also maintains the warranty on the mattress.

Without proper support under the box springs of a mattress, the mattress can begin to sag prematurely. Premature sagging leads to an uncomfortable night’s sleep and needing to replace your mattress sooner than the expected life expectancy. In the long run, having a bed frame saves you money.

A twin or full size mattress set does not need a center support to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, but it is a requirement on queen and king sizes due to their extra width. A double center support is recommended on a king set where the box springs meet in the middle.

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