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Rest your head on pillows designed for high performance sleep. From cloud like softness to sturdy and supportive, we have a pillow for every preference. Shop our online exclusive pillows for expedited shipping to your home with contactless doorstep delivery. Don’t let your old pancake-flat pillow keep you from having a better night’s sleep.

  • Flow Series Pillow


    Flow has a dual chamber that is soft on one side and firmer on the other and features a patented 100% breathable cover. The Air-X® fabric is a 3-D structure that creates a cushion of air with spring-like yarns that allows air to move more rapidly. It has a soft, jersey-like feel, gray-colored cover with eye-catching metallic-silver-colored piping with slate blue mesh sides. The lowest height pillow includes one air vent and a mesh patch on top and bottom while the other three heights include 10 air vents and mesh on all sides. The air vents and mesh give the Flow pillow cross-ventilation for maximum breathability. Flow’s zip-off removable and washable cover creates a clean and healthy sleep environment.

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