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Sleep Tips for Traveling

It can be hard to adjust your daily routines to fit into the schedule of your trip.  Whether that be traveling for business or leisure. A good night’s sleep can make the difference between fully enjoying your time, or wishing you could just pull the blankets over your head and fall asleep in the middle of your business meeting.


First, when arriving at your destination, especially if you have changed time zones, don’t take a nap.  It may be tempting, from the jet lag and lack of sleep in preparing for the trip, but fight those urges.  Instead, plan your first day out before arriving. This way when you arrive you are vested in accomplishing those new activities.  Keep yourself awake and active until your normal bedtime, or as close to your normal schedule as possible. This will help you adjust sooner rather than later.


Second, travel with your own pillow (blanket too if you can pack it).  This will help you feel more “at home” when sleeping on a foreign mattress.  Having that familiar pillow (and blanket from your bedroom) that fits you oh-so-perfectly, can be the game changer.  Not only does it bring the comfort of home, but it also allows you to sleep better and achieve that good night sleep while on the road.


Finally, while enjoying the sites of your vacation or business banter after the meetings are done, stick to your eating schedule and habits.  It’s easy to tell yourself “I’m on vacation” and eat that deep fried double stuffed Oreo. The problem with throwing too many extras into your meals, especially those deserts, they will top themselves with feelings lethargy, a lag of energy.  I am not saying don’t enjoy the local foods, just don’t indulge in more meals, more deserts, and deep fried foods than your body is used too. This will help you sleep soundly through the night and avoid indigestion, which could disturb you while you sleep.

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