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Sleep Tips for New Moms

New to the mommy world? Not getting enough sleep? Don’t worry it’s completely natural but your baby shouldn’t come between you and your sleep. Below are multiple steps you can take to make sure you get your well deserved sleep!

  • Split the responsibility with your partner: Raising a child is nearly an impossible task to do on your own so have your partner take on some of the responsibility, especially during the night, take turns getting up and checking on the baby.
  • Don’t take on extra responsibility: Being a parent to a newborn is a full time job so it is not in your best interest to add any more responsibility to your already full plate.
  • Don’t worry about your baby at night: Do not sit up waiting for your baby to start crying, a baby’s cry is a natural alarm for mothers. Even if you don’t wake up right after your baby starts crying they are perfectly capable of waiting a few minutes for you to attend to them.
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps: If your baby takes a nap drop what you are doing and make an effort to take a nap too.
  • Look forward to the prize: Baby years are hard but just remember that only a little while down the road your baby will be sleeping through the night with no problem.

With these simple tips you can buy yourself some more sleep time! Just remember that before long it will all be over and your child will be able to sleep the entire night without constantly being checked on!

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