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Mattress Maintenance: NO jumping on the bed!

Mattresses can be quite pricey and you should try to care for your mattress as best you can in order to make it last as long as possible! Below are a few tips you can follow to ensure you can the most out of your mattress

  • Flip the mattress: It’s ideal to flip the mattress not only from side to side but from head to toe about four times a year.
  • Vacuum the mattress: Vacuum it especially along the seams of it to get any unwanted dirt/ crumbs.
  • Let it air out: One of the reasons a mattress might be replaced is because it smells, avoid this by allowing the mattress to be aired out whenever it’s not going to used for a period of time such as when you go on vacation.
  • Don’t let the mattress get wet: this can cause an unwanted stench and excessive water isn’t good for the support of the mattress.
  • Don’t sit on the end of the mattress.
  • Last but certainly not least… Never allow children (or yourself) to jump on the mattress! We understand that this can be a lot of fun but it definitely is not beneficial for your mattress!

Hopefully these easy tips allow you to get the longest mattress life possible! And remember, no jumping on the bed!

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