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Is your pillow a pain in the neck?

If you’re like me, choosing the right pillow is no easy feat.  First one’s too big, then to thin, this one’s too hard, nope too soft…ugggh… I just want a comfy pillow that will get me a good night’s sleep.  Is that really asking too much? Well, here are some helpful hints when picking out that new “ah-ha” pillow to achieve that good night’s rest without waking up feeling like your neck was turned into a pretzel.

First, decide what is your preferred sleeping position?  I know, choosing just one is the hard part. But once you find that magic pillow those nights of tossing and turning, waking up with kinks in the neck are over.  Are you a back sleeper, stomach, or maybe a side sleeper? If you are unsure what is your favorite, then take notes. Yes, actually bring a notepad to bed and pay attention.  Start on your back, if you can’t sleep, turn to a side, then your stomach. If you spend more than 30 minutes in one position and still haven’t fallen asleep… well, that’s not your favorite position.  Jot down what works, even what you don’t like. Most importantly, when you wake up, write down what position you were in when you opened your eyes. Do this for a few days and you likely see a reoccurring theme here.  Whichever it is, here are some tips sure to help pick out that perfect pillow.

Back sleepers, look for a medium thick pillow.  You don’t want it to be too thick or it will push your head too far forward.  You also don’t want it to be too soft or your head will simply sink down to the mattress.  In this case, you may want a pillow which is a bit thicker but firmer on the bottom. This will provide a bit of neck support where it’s needed without throwing your head through the ceiling or allowing it to melt into the mattress.

Stomach sleepers find that soft, fairly flat pillow.  If you have the right mattress, you may even try to sleep with no pillow at all.  The key to stomach sleepers is keeping your neck in line with your spine, avoid anything that raises your head above your shoulders.

Side sleepers, locate that thick, firm pillow.  For us side sleepers, we need to keep our heads up off our bottom shoulder, but not so much our ear is hitting the opposite shoulder.  This requires a much thicker pillow and remember to keep it firm. Try a high-density gel-infused memory foam performance pillow

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