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Is Black Friday the best time to buy a new mattress?

‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice everything, long car rides to enjoy family time, and secret research for the little traveling Elf on a Shelf. With shopping lists growing and winter weather getting us back in the Christmas spirit, customers flock to retail locations to get the very best deals on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and even Thanksgiving day itself. It may be a great time to snag that newest toy, but, is Black Friday the best time to buy that new mattress set?  

Just like big box store locations, mattress manufacturers and small-town retailers go to market with special holiday savings and value-added offerings you can only get once a year. All of the so-called “mattress holidays” (Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and yes, even Black Friday) should come with a “buyer beware” disclaimer. Some retailers mark up their prices, just to slap big Holiday Savings on their new shiny price tag. If you are considering buying a new mattress, it will be worth your time to shop a few weeks before the holiday to ensure you get a great price, even during the hub-ub of holiday shopping.

Midwest Mattress has an Every Day, Low Price guarantee, so we don’t need to raise our prices to give you the best deal. But, we do take the special manufacturer holiday specials and pass them along to you. Take a look at the bottom of our ads and read the fine print though…oh wait, you won’t find fine print because there is no catch to our great deals or the FREE values we give with every mattress sale.     

If you pay attention to the researchers who pay attention to the retail trends, they will tell you that in late winter or early summer (March-April), many mattress companies are coming out with the new year’s model and as a result, those retail outlets need to make room.  This can create savings as much as 50% just by buying last years model or a showroom unit. These are great ways to save money and sleep better. And, yes, Midwest Mattress does have floor model closeouts and warehouse liquidation events to make room for the newest models from mattress brands including Restonic, m3, Serta, HealthCare, and more!

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