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Interior Design For Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep can set the pace for your entire day. And while getting better sleep often involves adopting a few healthy habits, your bedroom design may be sabotaging your sleep. Paying attention to the design, lighting, and colors are just a few ways your bedroom can help you catch some ZZZs.

While it’s ideal for your bedroom to be dark for sleeping, you also want a space that’s bright and cheerful. When it comes to lighting in your bedroom, here are a few tips:
Choose room-darkening blinds, shades, or drapes that allow optimal darkness for sleep, but let the sunshine in the rest of the time.
Choose light bulb wattage in the bedroom based on the purpose each particular lamp serves. Bright lighting may be necessary for a desk or near a mirror in your bedroom. Lower wattages offer gentle light for reading in bed. Lampshades can also help diffuse lighting.
Install dimmer switches. These give you the power to control the brightness of your room.

The colors you choose for your bedroom also play a big role in the mood and tone you set for your room. Going for more calming hues on your walls helps you wind down and can make your space feel calmer. Bright, fun colors may be appealing in the daylight but they don’t help with sleep and relaxation. This doesn’t mean you can’t have any color in your room, a pop of color from pillows or artwork allows you to express your creativity without disrupting harmony.

Your bedroom set up is important. It not only impacts how functional the space is, but also how cozy or welcoming the room feels. Here are a few ways you can optimize your floor plan:
Face your bed away from the door or window so it’s less likely for you to be effected by light coming in. Also, placing your bed on an interior wall will decrease your chance of hearing outside noise.

Designate different areas of the room for different activities: work, reading, sleeping, etc.
Keeping these simple tips in mind can aid in a better night’s sleep and achieve a comfy and peaceful bedroom hangout.

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