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Got guests?

Having a guest stay at your home overnight can be both exciting and nerve wrecking for you!

Making the guest feel at home is crucial for a pleasant stay. There are numerous things you can do to ensure that your guest feels at home in your house.

Clean your house, this is something that will have to be done eventually so might as well just get it off your to do list.

Keep some extra food and drinks on hand, that last thing you want for your guest is to starve while under your care. Ask them before their stay if they have any dietary restrictions, or what their favorite snacks and drinks are to have on hand.

Have some plans for your guests, whether it be a movie, going shopping, or going out for drinks.

Make sure that the guest bedroom you have for them is in working order. Guest bedrooms are rarely visited by the people living in the house so it is easy to fall behind on everyday maintenance like replacing light bulbs, making sure there are batteries in the TV remote, and keeping the clock on the right time.

If you make sure you have done all of these things there is no doubt that your guest will be asking to stay with you again next time they’re in town!

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