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Buying a Mattress? What to look for when you want to get a good night’s sleep.

There are many things that contribute to a good night’s sleep. Sometimes, you simply need a new mattress to catch some ZZZs. When buying a mattress there are essentially two things to look for:

1.) Proper support which can come from coils or high density foams
2.) Conforming comfort layers that mesh with your sleeping type.

Side sleepers tend to need a little more pressure relief on their hips and shoulders than back and stomach sleepers. When in doubt, I tell customers to not be shy at the mattress store! Lay down and try out all the beds. Really…take a nap (we don’t care!) to see what style of bed is right for you. It really doesn’t matter about the most expensive bed. Your body might prefer the most affordable bed on the floor! Get the most comfortable bed for you, for a price that fits your budget. (Oh, and Midwest Mattress gives our customers a 1 year comfort guarantee so we can easily fix it if they happen to pick a mattress that doesn’t work for any reason.)

Mattresses are much like pizza toppings or ice cream flavors; there’s a lot of good ones, the trick is to find the one that you like the best. There is no right or wrong answer to what you find comfortable.

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