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Restonic Sleepy Hollow Hand-Tufted Hybrid EuroTop

Restonic Sleepy Hollow Hand-Tufted Hybrid EuroTop


Experience the epitome of luxury and innovation with the Sleepy Hollow Hand Tufted Hybrid ET mattress. Meticulously crafted with button-tufted detailing for enduring quality and enhanced comfort, this mattress seamlessly integrates advanced cooling technology, responsive memory foam, and copper-infused latex. Enjoy optimal sleep temperature regulation and contouring comfort. With zoned, individually wrapped coils for targeted support and prolonged comfort life.

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Our latest Homegrown collection, Made in Iowa, introduces a sleep revolution with its proprietary pressure-relieving materials, ensuring unparalleled comfort and support. Our innovative cooling technologies and eco-friendly materials not only enhance your sleep experience but also underscore our commitment to sustainability. This advanced collection, featuring state-of-the-art motion isolation and luxurious temperature-regulating technology, is designed for those seeking a restful night’s sleep on a mattress that’s both environmentally responsible and locally produced.

  • Arctic Luxe High-Performance Cooling Cover
    • Exclusively crafted for Midwest Mattress by the luxury designer Lava Textiles, this cooling cover is designed to deliver unparalleled coolness and breathability, ensuring a refreshing sleep experience night after night.
  • Intuition™ Gel Memory Foam
    • Delve into the plush comfort of our Intuition™ Gel Memory Foam. Specially engineered for superior pressure relief, this sumptuous memory foam layer offers an ultimate sleep experience, making every night feel like a luxury retreat.
  • Cu29 Copper Infused Latex
    • Elevate your sleep with our Cu29 Copper Infused Latex. Unlike traditional memory foams, our copper-infused latex offers exceptional cooling and comfort across a broad temperature spectrum, ensuring optimal sleep performance all year round.
  • Serene™ Foam
    • Discover the revolutionary comfort of Serene™ foam. Unaffected by temperature changes, it remains consistently plush and supportive, thanks to Supportive Air Technology™. With billions of microscopic air capsules, it enhances support while gently alleviating pressure on the body’s sensitive areas, ensuring a serene sleep experience.
  • 1000 Marvelous Middle Coil Density with 360° Foam Encasement
    • Our advanced innerspring system features 1000 individually wrapped coils, each meticulously designed to independently adapt to your body’s contours. Encased in 360° foam, it provides robust support and durability, promising a sleep that’s not just comfortable but truly marvelous.
  • Exclusive 20 Year NPR Warranty


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