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Restonic Pleasantville Luxury Plush

Restonic Pleasantville Luxury Plush


Indulge in luxurious softness and support with the Pleasantville Plush 2-Sided mattress. Its reversible design allows for prolonged comfort life with even wear over the years. The cooling cover maintains an optimal sleeping temperature, while pressure-relieving foams and a high-count coil system cradle your body, providing unmatched support and a deeply restorative sleep.

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Our latest Homegrown collection, Made in Iowa, introduces a sleep revolution with its proprietary pressure-relieving materials, ensuring unparalleled comfort and support. Our innovative cooling technologies and eco-friendly materials not only enhance your sleep experience but also underscore our commitment to sustainability. This advanced collection, featuring state-of-the-art motion isolation and luxurious temperature-regulating technology, is designed for those seeking a restful night’s sleep on a mattress that’s both environmentally responsible and locally produced.

  • Arctic Luxe High-Performance Cooling Cover
    • Exclusively crafted for Midwest Mattress by the luxury designer Lava Textiles, this cooling cover is designed to deliver unparalleled coolness and breathability, ensuring a refreshing sleep experience night after night.
  • Sustain™ Memory Foam
    • Sustain™ Memory Foam cradles the body eliminating pressure points and promoting a more comfortable night’s sleep. Sustain™ not only supports your body, but it’s made with the environment in mind. Our innovative plant-based polyol is designed to reduce the carbon footprint. Initial testing of this rapidly renewable process has shown significant reduction in environmental impact. Rest easy, knowing Sustain™ is supporting your body and a more sustainable future.
  • Intuition™ Gel Memory Foam
    • Delve into the plush comfort of our Intuition™ Gel Memory Foam. Specially engineered for superior pressure relief, this sumptuous memory foam layer offers an ultimate sleep experience, making every night feel like a luxury retreat.
  • Silk & Wool
    • Sustainable luxury, offering natural thermoregulation and a sumptuous feel. This eco-friendly blend adapts to body temperature for year-round comfort, merging softness with nature’s best moisture-wicking properties.
  • 1000 Marvelous Middle Coil Density with 360° Foam Encasement
    • Our advanced innerspring system features 1000 individually wrapped coils, each meticulously designed to independently adapt to your body’s contours. Encased in 360° foam, it provides robust support and durability, promising a sleep that’s not just comfortable but truly marvelous.
  • 2-Sided Design For Twice the Comfort Life
    • Flip if you want 2! Flip for freshness, two sides for double durability. Crafted from premium materials, each side provides unwavering support and comfort, promising extended years of rejuvenating sleep. Ideal for the savvy sleeper looking for a lasting investment. Embrace the convenience of double the lifespan without sacrificing comfort.
  • Exclusive 15 Year NPR Warranty


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