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Is your pillow impacting your quality of sleep? It is recommended to change your pillow every one-to-two years. Every single night, your pillow accumulates dead skin cells, sweat, oil, makeup residue, and allergens. It also loses form and fluff over time to become less supportive of your head and neck. Browse our collection of cooling and ergonomic bed pillows for a better night’s rest.

  • Bedgear Seatbelt Pillow


    A comfort companion crafted for long journeys, the Seatbelt Pillow includes two velcro straps to attach to any seatbelt easily. The Air-X t-shirt-like cover provides an ultra-soft feel and keeps the air flowing for a cool ride. The silk-like fiber filling offers flexible and comforting support on your next travel adventure.

  • Bedgear Performance Knee Pillow


    The BEDGEAR Knee Pillow is a specially designed pillow with an ergonomic hourglass shape to elevate your leg for better hip alignment and reduction of stress on your lower back. It is packed with versatility, such as helping to align your neck when used as a neck pillow and being compact enough for travel. The pillow features a removable and washable VerTex™ cool-to-the-touch cover, while React™ foam filling provides comfort and enhanced support. Elevate your performance in sleep and beyond!

  • Z Gelled Microfiber Pillow


    The Malouf Gelled Microfiber™ Pillow is filled with small, siliconized microfibers to create the luxurious feel of a down pillow…

  • BG-X All Position Performance Pillow


    The all-position BG-X adjusts to your natural sleep pattern by contouring to your body (cradling head, neck, and/or shoulders) and regulating your temperature with moisture-wicking and air flow technologies.

  • Malouf Z Wedge Pillow


    Sleep better than ever. This pillow uses simple technology to help eradicate common problems that interfere with your sleep like snoring, heartburn, acid reflex, and congestion, so you wake up rejuvenated. Firm foam creates a supportive surface to combat sleeping problems A value-based option you can use in place of an adjustable bed base for similar health benefits Rayon from bamboo velour cover is soft and breathable for exceptional comfort.

  • Bedgear Balance Performance Pillow


    Stay dry throughout the night with the newly designed Balance Performance Pillow – featuring Air-X mesh for enhanced breathability, moisture-wicking fabric, and an improved fill for dynamic support that keeps you feeling gently elevated all night long.

  • Bedgear Storm Performance Travel Pillow


    Experience premium comfort no matter where you go with the Storm Performance Travel Pillow – engineered with an instant-cooling, removable cover and breathable Air-X mesh with air vents for cross ventilation. This versatile mini version of our classic Storm Pillow comes with a durable carrying case making it easier than ever to get better sleep on-the-go.

  • Level Series Pillow


    Level up the way you sleep. Our Level Performance Pillow features a unique Cuddle Curve shape and weightless feel that…

  • Bedgear Balance Cuddle Curve Performance Pillow


    Stay dry throughout the night with the Balance Cuddle Curve Performance® Pillow – featuring Air-X® mesh for enhanced breathability, moisture-wicking fabric, and curved design that contours to your body for enhanced comfort.

  • Cloud Performance Pillow


    Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation with the RZ Cloud Pillow. Crafted with shredded latex, memory foam fibers, and a cool touch cover, this pillow offers unparalleled comfort and feel. The unique comfort curve design adapts to all sleeping positions, providing premium comfort and support for sleepers.

  • Puff Performance Pillow


    The RZ Puff pillow is your gateway to nighttime bliss! On one side, enjoy cooling comfort with our specially designed TemptecTM Fabric. Flip to the other side and indulge in softness of the breathable stretch knit fabric. The secret to our medium-soft feel is the adaptive memory foam core ideal for any sleeper.

  • Bedgear The Body Pillow


    Feeling restless? Get better sleep with this Award-Winning Body Pillow. Featuring an elongated U-shape, this multi-use body pillow naturally contours to the shape of your body for unbeatable pressure relief and to promote healthy sleep positions. More than just a pillow, this dual-sided body pillow lets you switch between cozy and cooling to create the ideal sleep environment for optimal recovery.

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