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Adjustable Bed
  • RIZE Clarity II Adjustable Base


    A full-featured power base for a restful night’s sleep. Equipped with a range of features like heavy-duty lift motors, massage, under-bed lights, and more. Its zero-clearance design allows the Clarity II to be placed on top of platform or pedestal beds. A programmable remote and voice-powered app lets you set and save your favorite positions.

  • RIZE Tranquility II Adjustable Base


    Better sleep in sleek, modern style. The Tranquility II provides up to 65 degrees of movement for perfect positioning. Relax in the preset zero gravity position, or reprogram it to your favorite setting with the programmable remote. This economical model is also designed to have zero clearance so it can fit on top of platform or pedestal beds.

  • RIZE Up Adjustable Base

    Just what you need to improve your sleep. The Up adjustable bed raises the head to get to the angle you need to help reduce snoring, ease congestion, and get support for your upper body right where it’s needed.
  • Beautyrest Black Luxury Adjustable Base


    Each Beautyrest Black Luxury Adjustable Base is equipped to personalize your sleep experience. Whether it’s a simple adjustment in elevation, a shift in your partner’s position to ease their snoring, or a comforting massage, a Beautyrest Luxury Adjustable Base lets you optimize your sleep with a touch of a button.

    This upholstered adjustable bed has a sleek form that pairs perfectly with any Beautyrest Black Mattress’ style and design.

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